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Counselling Therapy

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What is Counselling / Therapy


Counselling and talking therapy is a treatment that is used for common mental wellbeing issues such as stress, anxiety and depression.


Our BACP accredited therapists are trained to provide a non judgmental and confidential treatment to those who need help in dealing with their mental health issues.


Talking therapy is an effective way to maintain a healthy mind and to learn techniques on how to deal with the pressures of life.

Some of the more common issues are:






Eating disorders


Social anxiety

Panic attacks

Persistent worrying



How do I know if I need to see a therapist


If you are feeling as though you are unable to manage your day to day life due to any of the health issues listed above you can book an appointment with our trusted therapists here.

If you would like to book an appointment please give us a call now 

0208 347 6154

Click  here for more details on contacting the team

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