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Meet our team

Hema Patel | Podiatrist & Clinical Director  

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Clinic Times

Mon            9am - 6pm

Thurs          9am - 6pm

Hema has over 12 years of clinical experience since qualifying as a Podiatrist from Northampton School of Podiatry. She successfully runs a number of clinics in various locations around London and is registered with the HCPC (Health and Care Professional Council). Hema offers a wide range of Podiatry services, specialising in verruca treatments and treating plantar fasciitis. Hema actively keeps up to date with new treatments, innovations and developments within the profession so that she can offer her patients the best care possible.


Hema enjoys working in a multi disciplinary environment and believes this to be a healthy change in the way people can access healthcare, as it allows for patients to receive  a variety of wellbeing treatments in a more convenient way.

Hema is passionate about building and supporting the local community, She has a very personable and caring nature allowing her patients to feel comfortable and cared for.


Carol Ricketts | Podiatrist 

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Clinic Times

Wed         9am - 1pm 

Carol has worked in private practice since qualifying as a mature student from the University of East London as a podiatrist/chiropodist. She is registered with the HCPC (Health and Care Professional Council). She has also worked as bank staff for the NHS in Lewisham gaining invaluable experience with diabetics and higher risk patients.

Her key interests include promoting her profession as a podiatrist and its importance to every day life and self-care and education . She firmly believes in Continuous Professional Development as a way of keeping updated on new treatments and developments within the profession.


Carol enjoys working in a multidisciplinary team and works closely with Hema.  It also means that specific applicable referrals can be offered.

Carol believes healthy feet should be comfortable and attainable to everybody; her enthusiasm is as contagious as is her positive attitude towards podiatry.

Santosh Kaur | Acupuncturist

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Clinic Times


Mon - Fri      9am - 11am 

Sat                 3pm - 5pm

Santosh is our trusted Acupuncturist. Santosh qualified from the University of Westminster with a BSc in Acupuncture, an MSc in Chinese Herbal Medicine. Santosh achieved related qualifications in Biomedicine and underwent specialist Post-graduate training in: Internal medicine, Tui Na massage, Advanced diagnostics, Gynaecology and Dermatology, assisting some of the most eminent Professors and medical Doctors in China’s major hospitals.  


Santosh is a full member of the British Acupuncture Council. This guarantees the highest standards of training, care and professionalism. Santosh’s mission is to provide the highest quality health care by safely serving the health needs of the individual.


Santosh’s clients feel valued, appreciated and she promotes a positive, energising, optimistic and fun- loving environment. Santosh thrives to help clients to be their best by providing coaching and feedback.  



Katsi Yuen | Osteopath, Soft Tissue Therapist & Reiki Practitioner




Sports Massage

Remedial Massage


Clinic Times

Mon      1pm - 6pm 

Thu       1pm - 6pm 

Katsi is our accomplished Osteopath. She strongly believes that health should be available to all and it is inclusive of the non-visible and visible parts of life, including mental health, physical health, social health and environmental aspects.

Katsi qualified with a Master’s Degree in Osteopathy from the University College of Osteopathy. Her treatments incorporate a range of techniques that include neuromuscular release, gentle harmonics techniques, osteopathic manipulation, cranial osteopathy, visceral osteopathy, dry needling and kinesiotaping, in order to create a bespoke treatment tailored to each individual and their needs. Her sessions actively engage the patient in the treatment process, and often incorporate dynamic movements and breath-work techniques. She is keen to empower her patients through education and the provision of self-help strategies to take home to complement your treatment.


Katsi’s background has been a journey inspired by her curiosity and wonder for the human body, and has included holistic arts,



Renata Pitorri | Acupuncturist




Clinic Times

Wed      1.30pm - 6.30pm 

Fri          1.30pm - 6.30pm 

Renata is our skilled acupuncturist. She qualified in 2019 by gaining her degree in BSc Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture at the University of Westminster. She practices Acupuncture in various locations across London.


Her journey to become a holistic practitioner began when she developed an interest in healing through energy. She always had a passion for science and quantum physics which led her to obtain the first and second (Okuden) certificate in Reiki, becoming a Reiki therapist in 2015 by receiving both the Japanese (Usui Shiki) and western (Usui Ryoho) lineages.


In the following years she worked on unifying both the spiritual and physical body, where she qualified first as a Massage Therapist at the London School of Massage and then later in Acupuncture. Renata is able to apply all of her knowledge and experience into her Acupuncture treatments to provide a holistic experience for




Ewa Bell | Reflexologist

Ewa Reflexologist.jpeg



Clinic Times

Thurs      1pm - 7pm 

Ewa is our experienced and professionally qualified Reflexologist. She trained with The London School of Reflexology and is a registered member of the FHT and IBF.

Ewa is an integrative holistic practitioner bringing a wide range of skills to her practice, including breath therapy and nervous system psychology. She is passionate about providing comprehensive support to her clients by looking at the “whole person” not just their symptoms, considering their physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing.


Her treatments are deeply relaxing, restorative and specifically tailored to your needs. They help dissolve the build-up of emotional and physical tension, pain and discomfort that can have such a negative impact on emotional wellbeing.


Ewa is an intuitive practitioner with great clarity in her work, who creates a confidential and respectful environment for her clients. She



Sushi Patel | Receptionist


Sushi is our friendly receptionist at H3 Wellbeing. She has a warm and welcoming personality and she is often the bubbly voice on the other end of the phone. 

Hitesh Patel | Practice Manager


Hitesh is the practice manager here at H3 Wellbeing. He is responsible for making sure the practitioners and patients feel at home at the clinic. You will often find him sitting at the front desk greeting patients and attending to the needs of the staff and patients. 


Hitesh is passionate about giving back to the community by providing a central point where patients can access excellent healthcare services, in order to increase their health and overall happiness.

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